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Community Resources - This is your go-to resource for any information regarding programs and services in the London and surrounding area

Information London - Useful resource for low-income families in London, including links to community meal calendars - Canada's primary source of information on government and community-based health and social services


Local psychologists

Ontario psychologists

Psychology Today - Listing of psychologists, therapists, and counselling in London and area


DermNet NZ - The world's most popular online library all about the skin


Diabetes Tip Sheets


Balance Retraining Exercises


FODMAPS - Information regarding the FODMAPS diet for use in IBS

Canadian Celiac Association 

Geriatrics - Provides information and workbooks to help planning for  future health and personal care.

Infectious Diseases

Mosquito Repellents

CDC - Info for travellers


Back Exercises - ISAEC

Back Exercises - Health Link BC

Whiplash Injury Recovery - A Self-Help Guide



Concussions Ontario


MyFitnessPal - Free mobile and online app for tracking nutrition and exercise

CalorieKing - Tool for accurate calorie counts for foods - Website with healthy recipes, run by a reputable medical doctor - Complete resource on nutrition for everyone

Carb counting

Healthy Snacks


Caring for Kids - Information for parents from Canada's paediatricians - web portal for parents, caregivers and service providers that links information on programs, services and resources in the London and Middlesex area for children


OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinics in South West LHIN


Mother risk - Research and counselling on reproductive risk or safety of drugs, chemicals and maternal disease in pregnancy


LactMed - Contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed

Healthy Eating Guidelines for Food Safety During Pregnancy​

Rheumatology - The most accurate and reliable information on arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as the medications that treat them

Sexual Health - The most useful resource for sexual and reproductive health for all ages


Quackwatch - Guide to quackery, health fraud and intelligent decisions

Science-Based Medicine - Exploring issues & controversies in science and medicine

Harriet Hall: Science-Based Medicine - great free lecture series

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