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Reminder: Please call our office for evaluation of any mental health concern

* = available at London Public Library

Community Resources

South West Health Line - directory for all resources in London and area

ConnexOntario - Ontario Health Information Resource


The Anger Control Workbook by McKay

*The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationship by Lerner 

Calming the Emotional Storm by Sheri van Dijk

The Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills Workbook for Anger by Alexander Chapman


Generalized Anxiety

The Cognitive Behavioural Workbook for Anxiety by William Knaus

*10 Simple Solutions to Worry by Gyoerkoe & Wiegartz

Women Who Worry Too Much: How to Stop Worry and Anxiety from Ruining Relationships, Work, and Fun

The Anti-Anxiety Workbook: Proven Strategies to Overcome Worry, Panic, Phobias, and Obsessions 
The Anxiety and Worry Workbook by Clark

A Mindful Way Through Anxiety by Orsillo

GAD: the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Workbook by Melisa Robichaud

The Ten Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques by Margaret Wehrenberg

*The Worry Cure by Robert Leahy  

Living with Fear by Marks

The Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills Workbook for Anxiety by Alexander Chapman

Overcoming Worry by Meares

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by Forsyth

Overcoming Perfectionism by Shafran

eCouch - online CBT

Health Anxiety & Medical Phobias

Overcoming Health Anxiety by Owens & Antony

It's Not All in Your Head: How Worrying About Your Health May Be Making You Sick by Asmundson

Help For Hair Pullers by Keuthen

The Hair Pulling Problem: A Complete Guide to Trichotillomania by Penzel

Feeling Good About the Way You Look: A Program For Overcoming Body Image Problems by Wilhelm

The BDD Workbook: Overcome Body Dysmorphic Disorder and End Body Image Obsessions by Claiborn and ($)


The OCD Workbook by Hyman & Pedrick

*Getting over OCD : A 10-step Workbook For Taking Back Your Life by Ambramowitz

Overcoming Compulsive Washing by Munford

Overcoming Compulsive Checking by Munford

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD by Pardon & Clark

*Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding by Tolin

*Digging Out: Helping Your Loved One Manage Clutter, Hoarding, and Compulsive Acquiring by Tompkins

Getting Control: Overcoming Your Obsessions and Compulsions by Baer

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Demystified: An Essential Guide For Understanding and Living With OCD

Break Free From OCD by Challacombe

Freedom From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Grayson

Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring by Steketee - Free Online CBT 

S.T.O.P. Obsessing by Foa

Panic Disorder

*10 Simple Solutions to Panic by Antony & McCabe

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic by Barlow and Craske

Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks by Wilson

An End to Panic: Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic Disorder by Zuercher-White

Overcoming Panic by Franklin

Coping With Panic by Clum

Master Your Panic and Take Back Your Life! by Beckfield


Mastering Your Fears and Phobias by Antony & Craske

Overcoming Animal and Insect Phobias by Antony

Overcoming Fear of Heights by Antony

Overcoming Medical Phobias: How to Conquer Fear of Blood, Needles, Doctors and Dentists by Antony

Flying Without Fear: Effective Strategies to Get You Where You Want to Go by Brown

Back in the Drivers seat: Understanding, Challenging and Managing Fear of Driving by Triffitt

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Bourne


Finding Life Beyond Trauma by Follette

Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor Vehicle Accident by Hickling

Reclaiming Your Life From a Traumatic Experience by Rothbaum

The PTSD Workbook by Williams & Poijula

Trauma and Recovery by Herman

Social Anxiety

The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook - Antony & McCabe

*10 Simple Solutions to Shyness by Antony

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness by Butler

Managing Social Anxiety: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach (workbook) by Hope & Heimberg

The Confident Speaker: Beat your Nerves and Communicate at Your Best by Monarth & Kase

Triumph over Shyness: Conquering Social Anxiety Disorder by Stein & Walker


The Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills Workbook for Bipolar by Sheri Van Dijk

The Bipolar Survival Guide by David Miklowitz


*Feeling Good by David Burns

*Mind over Mood by Dennis Greenberger

The Cognitive Behavioural Workbook for Depression by William Knaus

*The Mindful Way Through Depression by Williams
Ending the Depression Cycle by Bieling & Antony

The Ten Best Ever Depression Management Techniques by Margaret Wehrenberg

Control Your Depression by Lewinsohn

Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time by Addis

Breaking Free From Depression: Pathways to Wellness by Wright
Mood Gym - Online CBT program (free)

Antidepressant Skills Workbook - Simon Fraser University

Eating Disorders

*Overcoming Binge Eating by Fairburn

Dying to Be Thin: Understanding and Eating Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia by Sacker

The Body Image Workbook by Thomas Cash

Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth


How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Colgrove

How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies by Rando

Widow to Widow. Thoughtful, Practical Ideas for Rebuilding Your Life by Genevieve Davis Ginsberg

Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart by Alan


Bereavement directory for London & area


No More Sleepless Nights by Peter Hauri

Goodnight Mind by Colleen Carney

Overcoming Insomnia by Colleen Carney

Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep by Colleen Carney

Say Good Night to Insomnia by Gregg Jacobs

Handout for Sleep Hygiene 

SHUTi - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

Sleepio - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

CBT For Insomnia - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

CBTi-Coach - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

SlumberPro - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

Restore CBT-i - Online CBT program for insomnia ($)

Adult ADHD

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Dr. Charles Barkley


Love is Never Enough by Beck

*The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work by Gottman

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti

Beyond Codependency: And Getting Better all the Time by Melodie Beattie

After the Affair. Healing the Pain and Rebuilding the Trust When a Partner has Been Unfaithful by Janis A. Spring

Facing the Shadows. Starting Sexual and Relationship Recovery by Patrick Carnes

Breast Cancer Husband. How to Help a your Wife (and yourself) During Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond by Silver

The Interpersonal Problems Workbook by Matthew McKay

Sexual Dysfunction

*Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski

Stress Reduction

Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind - Audio files, practical techniques for developing positive mind states and reducing stress

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook by Davis

The Stress Less Workbook by Abramowitz 

The Stress and Relaxation Handbook by Madders

The Little Book of Stress Relief by Dr. David Posen

Stress reduction tips - Dr. Butchey

Meditation Oasis

Self-Help for Parents

Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety or School Refusal by Eisen

Helping Your Child With OCD by Fitzgibbons

*If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety Disorder by Foa

Silence is Not Golden: Strategies for Helping the Shy Child by Kearney

*Help for Worried Kids: How Your Child Can Conquer Fear and Anxiety by Last

*Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child by Manassis

*Helping Your Anxious Child by Rapee

*Talking Back to OCD by March

Helping You Child With Selective Mutism by McHolm

When Your Child is Cutting by McVey-Noble

*1-2-3 magic: Effective Discipline For Children 2-12 by Phelan

Parent Effectiveness Training by Gordon

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Siegel

Family-based Treatment for Young Children with OCD by Freeman

When Children Refuse School by Kearney

Your Defiant Child by Dr. Charles Barkley

Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents by Dr. Charles Barkley

The Explosive Child by Ross Greene

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us. Letting Go of Their Problems, loving them Anyways and Getting on

With Our Lives

When Parents Hurt. Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Do Not Get Along

The Price of Privilege. How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of

Unhappy and Disconnected Kids by Madeline Levine

The Second Family: Dealing with Peer Power, Pop Culture, the Wall of Silence -- and Other Challenges of

Raising Today's Teens by Ron Taffel

Children and Adolescents 

Say Goodbye to Being Shy by Brozovich

What to Do When You're Scared or Worried: A Guide for Kids by Crist

*My Anxious Mind: A Teen's Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic by Tompkins

*Up and Down the Worry Hill: A Children's Book About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its Treatment

*Worried No More: Help and Hope for Anxious Children by Wagner

Ready, Set, Relax: A Research-based Program of Relaxation, Learning and Self-esteem for Children

*What to Do When You Worry Too Much by Dawn Huebner

*What to Do When Your Temper Flares by Dawn Huebner

What to Do When You Dread Your Bed by Dawn Huebner

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids by Lawrence Shapiro

Teens (I have copies of some of these in my office to borrow)

ADHD Workbook for Teens by Honos-Webb

*Anger Workbook for Teens by Raychelle Lohmann

Anxiety Workbook for Teens by Lisa Schab

Beyond the Blues by Lisa Schab

Body Image Workbook for Teens by Julia Taylor

Bullying Workbook for Teens by Julia Taylor

Coping with Cliques by Susan Sprague

Don't Let Emotions Run Your Life for Teens by Sheri Van Dijk

Executive Function Workbook for Teens by Sharn Hansen

Mindfullness for Teen Anger by Jason Murphy

Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety by Christopher Willard

Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens by Lisa Schab

*Social Success Workbook for Teens by Barbara Cooper

Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens by Jennifer Shannon

Stopping the Pain: A Workbook for Teens Who Cut and Self-Injure by Lawrence Shapiro
*Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens by Gina Biegel

Think Confident, Be Confident by Leslie Sokol

What's Eating You? by Tammy Nelson

Helping Teens Who Cut by Michael Hollander

MindShift App

Other Online Resources

Living Life to the Full

Psych Central

Get Self Help - Online CBT resources and worksheets

Centre for Clinical Interventions (Australia) - free online CBT - Mental health services, help, and support in your community

Sunnybrook Health Centre- collection of resources

Kelley Mental Health Resource Centre - BC's Information Source for Children, Youth and Families

Canadian Psychological Association - fact sheets

Heads Up Guys - resources specifically for men


Getting Your Loved One Sober by Robert Meyers

The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

Unf&#k Yourself by Gary Bishop

Bottoms up! True Tales of Hitting Rock Bottom by J.T. Yost

Drinking, A Love Story by C. Knapp 

Addiction and Art by Santora

The Hollow Tree by H. Nabigon

The Outside Circle by LaBoucane-Benson

Trauma is Really Strange by S. Haines

Pain is Really Strange by S . Haines

Other Book Resources

"Treatments that Work" series - for a variety of conditions

Take Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson

I Know I'm in there Somewhere. A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity

*Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

The Sweet Spot. How to Accomplish More by Doing Less by Christine Carter

Mental Health App Summary
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